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2215 W 1st St, Sanford FL 32771


Our main philosophy is to allow our athletes to learn how to develop and put it into action.We firmly believe in the culture of development. We teach the value of self-investment both in the baseball world and in the real world by providing them with guidance on not only what adjustment to make, but rather how to identify the flaws and solve the problem. 

Our athletes are encouraged to come in early, or stay after their sessions to continue listening to our coaches working with other athletes, as well as interacting with athletes of different ages and levels. TLA takes pride in treating everybody as a part of the organization, therefore we expect the older members to provide guidance for our younger members. 

Every single member that is accepted into our program have earned their spot in the organization. We treat our evaluation as a "Job Interview". Regardless of the skill level of the athlete, if they bring the right mindset and passion for the game, they will be welcomed into our program. 

"Embrace the Grind" - Embrace your struggles and failures because those are what exposes our flaws. We cannot become a complete athlete without a truthful self-reflection/evaluation

"Trust The Process" - When you work with any coaches, it is important to stick the plan long term. Imagine if you had to drive 4 hours to Miami for a game that starts exactly 4 hours from now...You would not drive from Orlando to Tampa, then Gainsville, before you head down to Miami. The point is, you only have a certain amount of time before we can no longer play this game. Take the surest route to success by sticking to a program.